Founder's Altar

Finding a religious practice that saves and nurtures one's spiritual life naturally elicits feelings of reverence and gratitude towards all the Buddha's and Ancestors who dedicated their lives to studying and transmitting the Buddha's Truth. Particular gratitude is directed toward the departed Ancestor closest in the lineage to the priest who establishes a monastery or temple, and that Ancestor is regarded as the inspirational Founder of the temple. In the case of North Star Dharma Refuge, that Ancestor is Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett. Accordingly, an altar in the meditation hall next to the main altar displays Rev. Master Jiyu's formal portrait, as well as offerings of candles, fruit, flowers, incense and water typically found on an altar. When the Founder's Ceremony is celebrated as part of morning service, the celebrant priest offers incense at the altar in gratitude to the Founder for Transmitting the teaching to us.